Laundry Duct Cleaning

Does your laundry duct need cleaning?
Laundry ducts and extraction systems remove the hot, moisture-laden air from dryers and exhaust it outdoors on the roof or via an outside wall. Lint can be stacked up until it is an inch thick.

Mega Meter Cleaning Services specializes in the inspection, access, and removal of lint from the extraction system, leaving you with a clean duct and a safe environment. At the end of the cleaning project, we provide you with a service report detailing the work performed.

Different premises have differing levels of laundry cleaning volume. We recommend checking for the following key indicators to know when your systems are due for a cleaning:

  • Dryer units automatically turn off due to overheating.
  • The drying process is slower and takes longer.
  • Ducts develop rust from holding wet lint for long periods.
  • Concentrations of lint in the indoor air are denser.
  • Malfunctioning of fire dampers in the ducts.
  • Our team of professionals uses the most advanced techniques to perform a thorough laundry duct cleaning and extraction to ensure the best efficiency of your laundry systems.

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